CookPerfect Comfort "Intelligent meat thomometer"


In order to achieve good cooking results, you need to be able to control the meat’s core temperature.

The meat’s cooking temperature equals the core temperature (the coldest spot in the meat) – so to achieve a good cooking result it is essential to measure the core temperature of the meat correctly.

When using regular thermometers, the temperature is only measured at the tip of the probe. This makes measuring the core temperature rather complicated, as it requires you to hit the core of the meat with the probe tip precisely. In fact, missing the core by just one centimetre can give a difference of up 10 degrees – the difference in cooking results from a Medium-rare to a Medium-done.

The CookPerfect thermometer monitors the temperature in different places in the meat and then calculates the core temperature as well as the heat flow into the meat. With the intelligent CookPerfect meat thermometer you are always guaranteed to measure the core temperature regardless of how the thermometer is placed in the meat, and what’s more, you will know precisely when the meat will be done.